What’s our goal, our driving force? The thing that gets us up and active? Well, simply put, it’s you. Maybe you’ve always wanted to run your first 10km, maybe you want to ensure your family is fit and healthy or maybe you just want to de-stress? Whatever your goal, it’s our mission in life to help you get there. Bring on those bucket lists. Together, we’ve got this.


The intention behind absolutely everything we do stems from our key values: to challenge the norm, provide excellent customer service, value for money, innovation, and to always, always have fun. When we’re not passionately promoting health, fitness and helping our members achieve their goals, we’re getting involved in causes that make our world a better place. We call this Business as a Force for Good and it’s a journey that we’re committed to. When we open new clubs, we create new jobs and empower local communities. And when we’re not opening new clubs, we’re constantly reviewing the way we run our business to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.


As a company, we’re committed to changing business for good and to be part of building a more stable and sustainable world. Our aim is to create win-win situations. This means that what’s good for business, can also be good for our environment, our communities and the economy. It’s about fair profit with a long term view. Part of our Business as a Force for Good journey is ensuring our actions are environmentally sound, socially just and economically sustainable.


Our planet is our natural capital. We only have this one. It is our responsibility to keep the environmental impacts to an absolute minimum – which is why we are working towards Net Zero Impact on our environment. We’re here to make people’s lives better. And by ‘better’ we mean by taking care of the people who work with us and the communities we’re a part of. We believe that our business can only succeed through our people, so we constantly strive to put our people, and their families, first. We’ve also challenged ourselves to bring activeness to the future of our country by inspiring young South Africans towards a healthier future.


Business can’t succeed in societies that fail. Simple. That’s why it’s so important to invest in economic transformation. Our focus is on developing businesses within our supply chain and to help create jobs wherever we can. Find Virgin Active at Beacon Bay Crossing Centre.

View their website for more info : www.virginactive.co.za